Classic socks : Khangar line

Classic socks : Khangar line

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Khangar is a lineup of high quality merino wool socks made for superior comfort and warmth. High wool content and use of core spun makes them perfect for every day life enjoyment.

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Khangar lineup

Discover Khangar advantages

Merino wool is the most effective natural form of all-weather protection while being the finest and softest. Khangar uses a maximum of merino wool for softness and warmth. The amount of merino wool is 80% to 90% depending on the model (high merino wool content). In addition to merino wool, Khangar uses organic cotton core-spun yarn instead of polyamide to reduce the presence of synthetic material while maintaining elasticity and durability.

For everyday use, merino wool keeps your feet cooler (thermoregulation) while absorbing and evacuating excess of moisture (breathable). During the day, unpleasant smell caused when sweat degrades is blocked away by merino fibers (antibacterial). Socks stay fresh much longer. Last but not least, Khangar socks need less care and can be worn many days in a row. They are stains resistant, machine washable and they can be tumble-dried (TEC : Total Easy Care).

Khangar merino socks : Thermoregulating
Khangar merino socks : Naturally Breathable
Khangar merino socks : Antibacterial
Khangar merino socks : Total Easy Care
Khangar merino socks : High merino wool content
Khangar merino socks : Organic cotton core spun

Khangar socks are made using certified yarns

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Certification OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100

Khangar socks are made using wool, organic cotton core spun and polyamide yarns that are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100. That means these yarns are guaranteed free from any harmful substances for human health. This is the guarantee you can enjoy your socks fully and safely.

Ethical merino wool at its best

Merino wool is inherently natural, biodegradable, renewable and breathable. The merino wool yarn used in Khangar is also carefully selected to only originate from ethically raised sheep flocks.

Wool exclusively sourced from non-mulesed ethically raised merino sheep

Wool exclusively sourced from non-mulesed ethically raised merino sheep

Made in the heart of Eastern Europe

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Khangar socks are proudly made in Serbia by Ecovolve

Khangar socks are made in Serbia to the highest standard using high quality fine merino yarn from Italy. They are made to provide the best warmth and comfort for everyday use.