Base layers : Altai line

Base layers : Altai line

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Altai is a lineup of seamless base layers 100% extra fine merino wool. They behave like a second skin and are exceptionally pleasant and comfortable to wear every day or for any sport. They are breathable, durable, thermoregulating and antibacterial.

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Altai base layers are made in ribbing pattern which makes them very elastic in all directions per construction of the knit. They naturally follow body curves and can fit well on different sizes. Their length has been designed to cover the lower back even while doing demanding physical activities.

Altai lineup

Discover Altai advantages

Merino wool is the most effective natural form of all-weather protection while being the finest and softest. Altai base layers are made of 100% extra fine merino wool which render them incredibly soft like a second skin. Being seamless, they don’t have seams on the side further reducing the amount of synthetic material and increasing durability.

In sports as in everyday use, Altai merino base layers keep your body cooler (thermoregulation) while absorbing and evacuating excess of moisture (breathable). Outside, they offer an excellent natural protection from the sun and absorbs UV radiations (UV protection). As you wear these base layers, unpleasant smell caused when sweat degrades is blocked away by merino fibers (antibacterial). They stay fresh much longer and can be worn many days in a row without problems. They are stains resistant and are machine washable on wool program (machine washable). They naturally dry quickly and must not be put in a drier.

Altai seamless base layer : Thermoregulating
Altai seamless base layer : Naturally Breathable
Altai seamless base layer : Antibacterial
Altai seamless base layer : High UV protection
Altai seamless base layer : 100% extra-fine merino wool
Altai seamless base layer : Machine washable

Altai base layers are made using certified yarns

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Certification OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100

Altai base layers are made using extra fine merino wool yarns that are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The sowing threads are also certified. That means all components are guaranteed free from any harmful substances for human health. This is the guarantee you can enjoy your base layer fully and safely.

Ethical merino wool at its best

Merino wool is inherently natural, biodegradable, renewable and breathable. The merino wool yarn used in Altai is also carefully selected to only originate from ethically raised sheep flocks.

Wool exclusively sourced from non-mulesed ethically raised merino sheep

Wool exclusively sourced from non-mulesed ethically raised merino sheep

Natural and organic up to the packaging

Altai base layers are sold in organic cotton bags that can be easily reused for many purposes. This is in line with Ecovolve’s commitment to suppress the use of plastic as much as possible.

Altai packaging

Gear up truly and enjoy !

Made in the heart of Eastern Europe

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Altai base layers are proudly made in Serbia by Ecovolve

Altai base layers are made in Serbia to the highest standard using high quality extra fine merino yarn from Italy. From knitting and washing to manufacturing and packaging, all steps to make the best possible garment are done with passion and love in Serbia.

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